As the world is becoming more conscious regarding the sustainability of the environment, the demand for eco-friendly products is increasing day by day. Eco-friendly products are commonly referring to products that contribute to green living that help to conserve energy and prevent air, water and noise pollution and prevent human health from deterioration.

The advantage of eco-friendly products
–       Improve health
Materials used are free of harmful chemicals and components.
–       Improve mental health
Going green provide a pleasant environment that is beneficial to both physical and mental health. It diminishes stress and enhance the quality of life.
–       Save environment
Eco-friendly products are not using materials that are harmful. It is also help in diminishing the levels of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and prevention of climate change.

Wood is known to be one of the most naturally renewable energy sources, it has low impact on the environment compared to other materials. Its absorption of carbon dioxide while growing, adaptability as a product and recyclability or use as a biofuel.

Mahachai Contract Furniture has adapted sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes and carefully selected a sustainable raw and recycled materials to create sustainable furniture. Furthermore, we have been using an innovative furniture creation in wood bending to provide a beautiful shape and curve and more robust on our products. For coating material and water base bond were certified by F4 star of Japanese Standard that consider the highest level of environmental and health standards.

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