Sustainable wood comes from sustainably managed forests. It was obtained legally and gathered in ways that protect other existing trees in the forest as well as the waterways, wildlife, and the environment in which the wood was harvested.

When it comes to choose wood for construction or home and office improvement project, a sustainable option is the best choice as far as having the least negative impact on the environment. Choosing certified sustainable wood or buying wood reclaimed from old structures with proof of the source are the best ways to ensure the wood is sustainable. Rubberwood is substantially wood that comes from the rubber tree. It originated from Thailand which we normally call Parawood. Also, it is an economic tree which latex rubber tree are used in many industries for both domestic and export. Rubber tapping will be processed after reaching 7 years old and complete the latex producing cycle when they are 20 years old as the latex yields become extremely low, it is necessary to chop down the rubber tree for reforestation. Rubber tree is considered as one of the most durable woods and after completing the latex producing cycle, the rubber tree will be harvested for wood and recycle into lumber which used in many purposes such as furniture making. Thailand have large export on rubber wood furniture. Which conclude that, the rubberwood is an environmentally friendly wood and prove to be very versatile in its used.

Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is guaranteed to be sourced sustainably using low-impact logging methods to be least possible negative impact on the surrounding area

Mahachai Contract Furniture have used sustainable wood to create furniture and got FSC certified for Beech wood that means our furniture met the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council which ensuring that our wood material was being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem.


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